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Our goal is simple: to convey the extraordinary beauty, passion and excitement that awaits you in Cuba.

Never before has one little island (actually the largest island in the Caribbean) been so shrouded in mystery and notoriety. The reality is this: regardless of who you are, or where you're from, Cuba enthusiastically welcomes you to meet her people, experience her warmth, and see her beauty.

From breathtaking eco-resorts perched high in the Sierra Maestra Mountains, to world-class beach resorts in Varadero, from Havana's palatial city hotels, to the rustic thatched-roof huts found on Cayo Largo's virgin sands, Cuba offers immediate relief to those seeking inspiration, relaxation and recreation.

The people are warm. The sand is like silk. The food is spicy and the drink is sweet. The sun always shines and the music never stops. The doors are opening and the walls are coming down.

Come to Cuba!



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